“A rollicking rhythm and a fiery spirit defines Dynamos’ powerful “Stainless”… Refusing to ever let up, the song barrels forward with a clear-eyed quality.”

“This is a party in every note, every tone and every sound!”
                                    -ActONE Magazine

“The song showers the blossoms of rock and roll that is timeless, dynamic, and even progressive.”

“Dynamos are all about entertainment and good-time rock.”

“Stainless hits us from the get-go with big drums, slightly distorted but perfectly toned electric guitars, and a driving bass line that pumps the sonic blood from the heart of the Dynamos into your auditory and central nervous systems.”

Dynamos are exhilarating, care-free & daring in their timeless new track called ‘Stainless'”
                                    -Ratings Game Music

“The song feels stylish in its entirety, thoughtfully put together and structured so as to let you get lost in the vibe but simultaneously distinguish pretty clearly between the various moments.”

“Together [the Dynamos] all amplify one another’s talents presenting a sound full of good energy and true musical passion.”



“Dynamos is one of the up-and-coming bands to watch, and the new single “Knowledge” is proof of that.”

I’m glad they decided to release a live performance music video for this track, as it really showcases the high energy chemistry Dynamos has on stage and while jamming together…”

On “Knowledge” the band put their chemistry to the test, and the results are absolutely outstanding…Think of hey-day Beatles with a time machine, traveling to the modern age…”
                                    -Under Attack

“They’re so upfront and real, it’s almost tangible within their music. “Knowledge” will get you up on your feet and keep you in the groove, because the DYNAMOS simply rock.”

 “Knowledge touches on all of [Dynamos] traditional strengths while striking out for and reaching new heights that earlier releases promised would come.”
                                    -No Depression

 “[Knowledge is] a punchy, rambunctious affair that makes a strong case for pouring old wine into new bottles and has a facility, both vocally and musically, with longstanding forms that somehow revitalizes them for a modern audience and impresses listeners with its apparent freshness.”
                                    -Indie Band Guru

“Knowledge is an early contender for best rock single of 2018 and continues the rapid ascent of the Los Angeles’ Dynamos…There are plenty of long serving bands with a solid, workmanlike sound, but everything Dynamos touch is transformed with genuine inspiration and urgency.”


Shake, Rattle and Roll

“Together, Dynamos combine technical expertise with pure raw energy to deliver a unique and captivating listening experience.”
                                    -Paste Magazine

“One of the most remarkable qualities of [Dynamos’] tone is certainly their ability to explore a wide range of ideas and genres, embedding elements and influences from different styles into their own sound: from the sensuality of blues
to pure energy of rock’n’roll and everything in between.”

                                    -The Bandcamp Diaries

“Dynamos are, indeed, just that – dynamic”
                                    -Skope Magazine

“Shake, Rattle, and Roll from Dynamos will leave a mark on the memories of any rock fan and sounds fresh rather than some tired retread of bigger past glories.”

“There are so many things that I enjoy about ‘Shake, Rattle and Roll’ … OVERALL RATING (4.9/5)”
                                    -The Ratings Game

“[Dynamos is] a powerful outfit and there’s only way for them to go from here – up, up, up.”
                                    -Carlitos Music Blog

“Shake, Rattle, and Roll will blow away anyone who hasn’t yet heard this band with their conviction and kick in the doors attitude and remind any existing fans that this is the sort of rock act we need going into the future.” 
                                    -Indie-Mindy Music Blog

“[Dynamos] have hit a grand slam with the song “Shake, Rattle, and Roll” that goes far beyond what we commonly hear from modern rock acts…” 
                                    -Vents Magazine 

“Shake, Rattle, and Roll represents the best of rock n’ roll showing Dynamos to be carrying on in that fine tradition…”
                                    -Beach Sloth