Nadia E.

Nadia was born in northeastern New Jersey.  At eleven years old, her family moved to a beach community in southern California.  At her new school, Nadia was assigned choir as her elective class.  Excelling at singing, she began private lessons in opera.

Nadia had great love and appreciation for the art and technique of opera, but felt the need to explore more liberal styles of singing and performing.  At fourteen, she heard Nirvana’s ‘Bleach’ album and discovered that her heart belonged to rock ‘n’ roll.

At sixteen, Nadia went to her first rock concert at the Palladium in Los Angeles.  Enthralled by the experience, she started attending as many shows as possible.  Each show felt like a gift and her motivation to become more than an audience member grew.

Nadia’s operatic studies continued until she was nineteen, when she received an opportunity to audition for ‘The Dynamos’.  Her presentation of the material seamlessly fit the envisioned musical and lyrical content of the band.  She immediately became the lead vocalist for the project.

Nadia’s stage performance is enhanced by her rigorous fitness routine, comprised of spinning poi (the swinging of tethered weights through rhythmical and geometric patterns), weighted hula-hoop, as well as other traditional forms of exercise.  Nadia’s healthy lifestyle also includes interests in culinary arts and the creation of her own recipes.

Nadia is integral to the development and implementation of ‘The Dynamos’ brand.  Her contributions consist of makeup artistry, jewelry design, and performance wardrobe development.